Plaza Midwood

Homes For Sale in Plaza Midwood Charlotte

A historic, eclectic neighborhood with tight-knit residents. The walkable, tree-lined streets, vintage bungalow homes, and locally-owned shops and restaurants are some of the most charming in all of Charlotte. Welcome to Plaza-Midwood.
Plaza-Midwood is nearly a century old, and while it has had a few ups and downs during that time, it has definitely been going through an "up" period over the last few decades. The community is thriving as residents old and new have given it a facelift, fixing up and maintaining historic buildings and homes, welcoming new businesses, and creating and growing an extremely active neighborhood association. For this reason, it is one of the most sought-after places to live in Charlotte.

There is always something going on — a fall or winter festival or a tour of homes — and on any given day, you can grab the dog's leash or the baby's stroller and head out for a walk, thanks to Charlotte's mild climate and Plaza-Midwood's pedestrian-friendly streets. Diversity is important here, as well. You will find everyone from single professionals who work in nearby Uptown to young couples looking for a great place to start a family. Diversity is also key when it comes to the community's shops and restaurants. You may find an art gallery next to a tattoo parlor or an upscale clothing boutique next to an antique shop. Of course, both Uptown and South Charlotte's many entertainment opportunities are just a quick drive away.